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E-Asa 04 [RISM P720]

Sig. 4 C, 4 D, 4 F (S,T,5): Palestrina, Motectorum...liber quartus
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Motettorum quinque vocibus liber quartus...ex canticis Salomonis
Provenance/Origins/Place of publication: 
16/4 (1593)
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Alfonso de Vicente (1989), p. 46, annotated: "4. GIOVANNI PIERLUIGI DA PALESTRINA. Motectorum quinque vocum. Liber Quartus. Ex Canticus Salomonis. Mediolani, apud Haeredes Francisci & Simonis Tini, 1593. Tres libros (23x17): Cantus, Tenor, Quintus". He also added the titles of the 29 pieces (numbered 68-96 in his catalogue).

This incomplete set in Ávila is not listed in RISM; for a description of the edition, though, see

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