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E-TZ 05

Ms. 5
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Justo Sevillano (1961), pp. 157-158, annotated the following: "Siglo XVI, papel, 400 x 280 mm; caja máx., 390 x 250; caja mín. 260 x 220; 94 ff., 9 pautados. Manuscrito que forma cuerpo con los números 6 y 11, protegido por dos tablas de madera; bastante deteriorado. Faltan algunas hojas al principio y al fin, aunque la foliación antigua proceda de 1 a 100". According to Justo Sevillano, this manuscript was bound together with ("forma cuerpo con") Ms. 6 and Ms. 11, and had 94 folios; some leaves were missing at the beginning and the end, although an old foliation runned from 1 to 100. The same description and inventory, with a few changes, errors, and additions, was published by Mosquera/Ruiz/Sevillano (1984); a copy of the latter inventory is attached to the new inner cover of the manuscript. Hardie (1983), pp. 52-75, presented a very detailed description of E-TZ 05, with drawings of some watermarks, and discussed the different sections of the manuscript; her description and structure of the manuscript was cited in DIAMM. Another inventory of this manuscript was included in Calahorra (1995), pp. 22-23, stating that E-TZ 05 measured 400 x 280 mm and that it had a total of 88 folios [sic].

Kenneth Kreitner presented a handout ("The Music of Tarazona 5: An Introduction") with a detailed inventory of E-TZ 05 at a congress in Cascais (Portugal, 2018), revised at the Medieval and Renaissance Conference (Lisbon, 2021), which has been used to update the present inventory; I thank professor Kreitner for sharing with me his revised version of the inventory. After the restoration of the manuscript, the modern pencil foliation in the lower margin of each page used in all previous inventories is barely visible or it has disappeared entirely and thus it is not possible to locate works with precision.

The modern pencil foliation contained a fol. 11bis, and thus it should be pointed out that the manuscript has 95, not 94 folios (including the table of contents). The assignation of folios to each work should be changed accordingly; here it will be maintained the usual assignation of folios (following Kreitner) until a new, more visible and correct foliation running through the entire manuscript is added. E-TZ 05 is a compound manuscript with several old foliations and scribes; starting on fol. 27, an old Roman numeral foliation runs until the end of the manuscript (i-lxiiii) with some interruptions. The attached photos that I took of the six diferent watermaks in E-TZ 05 correspond to the following descriptions and folios:

WM 1: “Sun with letters AM”, visible in a few folios from fols. 1-18. The photo is from fol. [6v] not visible (=old 11v; text: et patre filio). 
WM 2 and WM 3: “Grapes” (fol. 19v, with fol. “23” in violet ink, upper right corner) and "Grapes with letters inside" (fol. 20v, with fol. “24” in violet ink), perhaps twins.
WM 4: “Eagle with imperial crown” visible only in three separate folios: on fols. 25 (with fol. “29” in blue ink) and fol. 68 (as if they were framing all the folios in between with WM5) and then towards the end of the manuscript, on fol. 86 (photo).
WM 5: “Circle and cross with letters IM”, found mostly between fols. 36v/Roman x' and fol. 67; it appears again in the last gathering, on fol. 93/Roman lxiii and 95; photo fol. 36v/x'
WM 6: “Mermaid of two tails” found between fol. 70/Roman xl and fol. 88/Roman lviii (photo fol. 74v/xliiii').

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Part of the content of E-TZ 05 was listed in Inventory 1 (1550s) at Tarazona cathedral; see item [10] in inventory 16/3 (1552-1561): A more complete content of the manuscript appears in the description of item [11] in a later (now lost) Inventory 2 (1570), that was recopied in the 1591 inventory of polyphonic choirbooks at the cathedral; this description is found in the initial section of the inventory presenting the recopied (lost) inventory dated 29 May 1570. Thus, at least part of E-TZ 05 was copied approximately between the 1550s and 29 May 1570. See the following link for a comparison of the two inventories regarding this manuscript: Some attributions to works in E-TZ 05 found in those 16th-century inventories have been cut from the manuscript, but have been included in the present inventory.


I would like to thank the Archivist of Tarazona cathedral, Miguel Antonio Franco Garza, for facilitating me the research of all the Tarazona manuscript and printed books of polyphony for the present Project.

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List of works in source

Order No. Work ID Title Ascription Attribution Based on music by
01 E-TZ 05 (1v) In memoria aeterna Anon. Anon.
02 E-TZ 05 (2r) Lux aeterna Anon. Anon.
03 TZ 05 (2v-10r) Missa Sine nomine Anon. Anon.
04 E-TZ 05 (10v-11r) Peccantem me quotidie Anon. Anon.
05 E-TZ 05 (11v) Missa [S] Anon. Anon.
06 E-TZ 05 (11bis r) Missa [C]. Confiteor section of the Credo only Anon. Anon.
07 E-TZ 05 (11bisv-12r) Dic nobis Maria Anon. Anon.
08 E-TZ 05 (12v-14r) Marta ut audivit Anon. Anon.
09 E-TZ 05 (14v-16r) Domine rex Deus Abraham Anon. Anon.
10 E-TZ 05 (16v) Como nada. Amen Anon. Anon.
11 E-TZ 05 (17r) Ad te levavi Rubio Rubio
12 E-TZ 05 (17v-19r) Cum invocarem / In te Domine speravi / Quoniam tu es Domine Anon. Anon.
13 E-TZ 05 (19v-20r) Oravit Salomon Anon. Anon.
14 E-TZ 05 (20v-21r) Kyrie eleison Anon. Anon.
15 E-TZ 05 (21v-22r) Et incarnatus est Melchior Robledo Robledo, Melchor
16 E-TZ 05 (22v-23r) Psallite Deo nostro Anon. Anon.
17 E-TZ 05 (23v-24r) Credo quod Redemptor meus Anon. Anon.
18 E-TZ 05 (24v-25r) Te lucis ante terminum Anon. Anon.
19 E-TZ 05 (25v-27r) Gloria, laus et honor Peñalosa Peñalosa, Francisco de
20 E-TZ 05 (27v-31r) Missa [K] Kyrie... qui expansis Anon. Anon.
21 E-TZ 05 (31v-37r) Magnificat 8 toni. Et exsultavit Pastrana Pastrana, Pedro de
22 E-TZ 05 (37v-45r) Magnificat 1 toni. Anima mea Gómez Gómez
23 E-TZ 05 (45v-51r) Magnificat 3 toni. Et exsultavit Pastrana Pastrana, Pedro de
24 E-TZ 05 (51v-57r) Magnificat 6 toni. Et exsultavit Pastrana Pastrana, Pedro de
25 E-TZ 05 (57v-61r) Lamentatio. Aleph. Quomodo obtexit Anon. Mouton, Jean
26 E-TZ 05 (61v-64r) Beatus es et bene tibi erit Anon. Yñiguez, Pedro
27 E-TZ 05 (64v-65r) Ave maris stella Ioannes Stiche Estiche, Joan
28 E-TZ 05 (65v-66r) Et incarnatus est Jonnes Stiche Estiche, Joan
29 E-TZ 05 (66v-67r) Missa [K] Peñalosa Peñalosa, Francisco de
30 E-TZ 05 (67v-68r) Missa [K] Montes Montes
31 E-TZ 05 (68v-82r) Missa Pro defunctis (In agendis mortuorum) Basurto/Pastrana Anon., Brumel, Antoine, García de Basurto, Juan, Josquin Desprez, Logroño?, Ockeguem, Johannes [Jean de], Pastrana, Pedro de, Peñalosa, Francisco de
32 E-TZ 05 (80v-82r) Libera me Anon. Anchieta, Juan de, Josquin Desprez
33 E-TZ 05 (82v-83r) Ne recorderis Anon. Sanabria
34 E-TZ 05 (83v-84r) Qui Lazarum Anon. Rey [Rei], Francisco [Franco]
35 E-TZ 05 (84v-85r) In te Domine speravi Pastrana Pastrana, Pedro de
36 E-TZ 05 (85v-87r) Domine Jesu Christe Peñalosa Peñalosa, Francisco de
37 E-TZ 05 (87v-88r) Miserere mei Deus Pastrana Pastrana, Pedro de
38 E-TZ 05 (88v-89r) Tibi soli peccavi Pastrana Pastrana, Pedro de
39 E-TZ 05 (89v-90r) Pater dimitte illis Pastrana Pastrana, Pedro de
40 E-TZ 05 (90v) Dic nobis Maria Basurto García de Basurto, Juan
41 E-TZ 05 (91r) Benedicamus Domino Anon. Anon.
42 E-TZ 05 (91v-92r) Benedicamus Domino Pastrana Pastrana, Pedro de
43 E-TZ 05 (92v-93r) Benedicamus Domino Ribafrecha Ribafrecha [Rivaflecha, Rivafrecha, Ribaflecha], Martín de
44 E-TZ 05 (93v-94v) Misa Ferial [K, S, A] Anon. Peñalosa, Francisco de
45 E-TZ 05 (fol. LOST) Et incarnatus est Anon. Peñalosa, Francisco de


Document ID (Date) Title of the document
16/4 (1591) [Inventories 2 and 3 of polyphonic music at Tarazona cathedral]. Inuentario de los libros de la música. Inuentario de los libros de musica que ay en la yglesia de taraçona. Memoria de los libros que ay de musica en la Iglesia de Taraçona y de las hobras que ay en ellos con los nombres de los auctores.
16/3 (1552-1561) Inventario [1] de los libros de música que ay en la yglesia de Taraçona / y de las obras que ay en ellos con los nombres de los auctores
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