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E-Mn MSS/2092

Departamento de Manuscritos, Incunables y Raros. Sala Cervantes. MSS/2092 (olim G-126). "Chronica del Condestable Dn. Miguel Lucas"
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15/3 (1465-1466)
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The anonymous secular polyphonic piece "O lealtad" appears on fols. 249v-250r.

Watermark similar to Briquet #5579 or #5580.

For a description, see also DIAMM.
For a digital reproduction of the entire volume of this chronicle in Biblioteca Digital Hispánica, see the following link: (The musical work appears in the image 253).

Watermark description: 

List of works in source

Order No. Work ID Title Ascription Attribution Based on music by
1 E-Mn Mss/2092 (249v-250r) Lealtad o lealtad Anon. Anon.

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