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E-Tc 06

Códice B. 6
Paper / Parchment: 
MS / Print: 
16/3 (1570)
No. of works: 
Physical description: 

This volume of originally 159/160 parchment folios measures 700 x 400 mm.  It was beautifully illuminated, but twenty five complete folios were torn out. According to Gutiérrez Cajaraville, and contrary to previously thought, this manuscript was not copied by Martín Pérez and it was not illustrated by Francisco de Buitrago. See also DIAMM.

Remarks about MS/Print: 

According to Gutiérrez Cajaraville (p. 90), E-Tc 6 was commissioned by the Toledo Chapelmaster and composer Bernardino de Ribera in 1569 and it was finished in 1570. The Toledo Cathedral Chapter rewarded Ribera with 200 ducats for this book (Libro de Obra y Fábrica 865 (1570), 134: “En doze de Jullio de 1570 Años di cedula por El gober[nad]or por la que dieron a ver[nardi]no de Ribera Maestro de capilla doscientos ducados en Recompensa de un libro de Musica de Canto de órgano que compuso para el serv[ici]o desta s[ant]a iglesia”).


This manuscript is the most important source for Bernardino de Ribera's works, most of them are unica, but many are incomplete owing to the missing folios. Only Domine quando veneris on fol. 87v is not by Ribera.

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