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E-Boc 10bis

CEDOC 1.5.1 Ms. 10bis [olim 12-VI-10]
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18/4 (1770-1790)
No. of works: 
Physical description: 

Robert Snow (1990), p. 388, n.3, describes this manuscript (giving MS 10 as signature [recte MS 10bis]) as follows: "MS 10 of the Orfeó Català consists of 230 paper pages measuring about 405 mm in height by 275 mm in width. It contains twenty-five works, the first twenty-two of which were entered by the same copyist; the last three were added later by a second scribe. Five of the works are mass ordinaries for festive occasions, one is a mass for the Sundays of Advent and Lent and one is the missa pro defunctis attributed to Palestrina. Eight other items are settings of texts from Matins, Laudes and Vespers of the Office of the dead and one is a setting of the versicle "Lacrimosa" of the Dies irae. The remaining nine works include a motet for the Vigil of Christmas, two settings of Asperges me, and single settings of Vidi aquam, Te Deum, Salve Regina, Gloria laus et honor, Beati omnes (Ps. 127) and the Magnificat. Fourteen works are anonymous and eleven are attributed to one or another of seven composers: Caseda (1), Lafuente (1), Llorente (4), Palestrina (1), Robledo (1), Vicente (1) and Vivanco (2).

The word "Barbastro" in pencil was added on the inner front cover of the manuscript, most likely to indicate the place of origin of this manuscript, following the inscription at the end of table of contents; on the following flyleaf: "Ms. 10 (2)" in pencil and the old mark of the Orfeó Català library. At the bottom of the folio with the "Yndice de lo que contiene este libro", after the list of works, reads: "Fran[cis]co Pérez y Carbonel, ynfante segundo / de la Catedral de Barbastro". 


Concordant MSS: 

Add the following composers to the database: José Cáseda y Vilamayor, Juan José Llorente, Lafuente (?).

See Snow (1990), pp. 387-428, for a comparison of different movements of a Missa Pro defunctis partially by Palestrina in E-AL 1 and E-Boc 10bis.

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Author Title Year of publication
SNOW, Robert J. An Unknown Missa pro defunctis 'by Palestrina' 1990
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