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E-V Impr. 074/864 [RISM 1562/17 = RISM 1560/17]

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Orlando di Lassus li madrigali a quatro voci, libro primo. Nuovamente ristampati et con alcuni madrigali & canzon d'altri autori aggionti, & con ogni diligentia coretto
Provenance/Origins/Place of publication: 
16/3 (1562)
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Title information in López-Calo Catalogue: "ORLANDO DI LASSVS / Li Madrigali a qvattro voci, / Libro primo. / Nvovamente ristampanti / Et con alcuni madrigali et canzoni d’altri Autori aggionti, & con ogni diligentia corretto. / (Escudo) / In Vinegia, Appresso Girolamo Scoto. / M. D. LXII."

Soterraña Aguirre Rincón, "The formation of an exceptional library: early printed music books at Valladolid Cathedral". Early Music, 37/3 (2009), p. 393 indicates, erroneously that the RISM ID for this edition is L771 instead of 1562/17. The title description by López-Calo in the Valladolid Cathedral Catalogue corresponds exactly with that of 1562/17. According to RISM, L771 is an Antonio Gardano's edition. 



After the institution sigla (E-V), the double call number indicated here (separated by a slash) refers to that used by Soterraña Aguirre Rincón and by José López-Calo, respectively, in their respective catalogues of Valladolid Cathedral printed books collection. See Soterraña Aguirre Rincón, "The formation of an exceptional library: early printed music books at Valladolid Cathedral", Early Music, 37/3 (2009), pp. 379-399, esp. Appendix 1, pp. 388-395; and José López-Calo, La música en la Catedral de Valladolid, 8 vols., Valladolid: Ayuntamiento de Valladolid y Caja España, 2007, vol. 1, Catálogo del Archivo de Música (I). Volúmenes encuadernados, pp. 222-242

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