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V-CVbav Chigi C.VIII.234 "Chigi Codex"

Ms. Chigi C.VIII.234
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15/4—16/1 (1498-1503)
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For a description, see also Bridgman (1991) and DIAMM:

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The manuscript has a coat of arms (on fol. 284v) of Ramón Folc de Cardona (1467-1522), I Duke of Somma and Viceroy of Naples betwen 1509 and 1522, and the original coats of arms of the Bouton family were later repainted with three different coats of arms of the Fernández de Córdoba family:

1) On fol. 3v: Luis Fernández de Córdoba († Rome, 1526), son-in-law of Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba "El Gran Capitán" († Granada, 1515); the latter was I Duke of Sessa and Terranova and Viceroy of Naples (1504-07).
2) On fol. 19v: Elvira Fernández de Córdoba († Sessa, Naples, 1524), daughter of "El Gran Capitán", II Duchess of Sessa, and wife of Luis Fernández de Córdoba (married in 1518; Luis and Elvira were ambassadors in Rome, 1522-26).
3) On fol. 20r: María Manrique († Granada, 1527), second wife of "El Gran Capitán" and Duchess of Terranova, Elvira's mother. 

The son of the Viceroy Ramón Folc de Cardona, Ferran Folch de Cardona († 1571), married (in 1539) Beatriz de Córdoba-Figueroa, a daughter of the ambassadors in Rome, Luis and Elvira Fernández de Córdoba. The evidence provided by the Spanish coats of arms suggests that the post-1514 additions to the manuscript were made, not, as traditionally assumed in Spain, but rather in the Spanish milieu of the viceroyalty of Naples. See Ros-Fábregas (2002).

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