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E-Mn M/00836(9) [RISM M782]

Departamento de Música y Audiovisulaes. Sala Barbieri. M/836(9)
Paper / Parchment: 
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Printed book standardized RISM title: 
Liber secundus sacrarum cantionum quinque vocum quae vulgo moteta vocantur
Provenance/Origins/Place of publication: 
16/3 (1555)
Remarks about MS/Print: 

The signatura in Anglés and Subirá, vol. III, p. 1, for both 1555 printed books by Martin Peudargent is "M. 836/2", but now, the signatures of the Liber primus is M/836(8) and of the Liber secundus is M/836(9).  Of both books, only the Quinta pars is extant. See

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