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A-Wn [RISM 1554/13]

Mus 14 SA.78.F.47/1
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Secundus liber modulorum, quatuor, quinque et sex vocum, (quos vulgus motteta vocat) à quibusvis celeberrimis authoribus excerptus, et nunc primum in lucem aeditus
Provenance/Origins/Place of publication: 
16/3 (1554)
Concordant MSS: 

Five works in E-TZ 08 have concordances with this rare, printed book RISM 1554/13 of which only the cantus part is extant; these five pieces are: Tulerunt Dominum meum by Jean Pierre, Miserere mei Domine by Cadeac, In Domino confido quomodo dicitis by Jacquet of Mantua, Caro mea vere est cibus by Le Bel, and Cor mundum crea in me Deus by Crecquillon. See RISM, Recueils imprimés, vol.1, p. 199, and Lincoln (1993), pp. 769, 173, 419, 167, 211, and 72. Most likely the copyist of E-TZ 08 had access to a complete set of this publication. Since the works by Jean Pierre and Le Bel are known only through the printed extant cantus, E-TZ 08 is the only source to transmit complete versions of these two motets.

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