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B-Bc 27089

Ms 27089
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16/3 (1574-1577)
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Although it has been suggested (Census and DIAMM) that B-Bc 27089 was copied by Leonhard Franz while he was employed as a scribe at the court of Emperor Rudolph II in Prague between 1586 and 1599, Pruett (1996), followed by Kirk (2011), stated that the manuscript could have been copied earlier for Maximilian II. This manuscript and B-Bc 27086 were in Vienna before Juan de Borja, accompanying Maria of Austria, returned in 1581 with the books to Spain, where both manuscripts became part of the music collection of the Royal Chapel; they were later purchased by the Duke of Lerma (Juan de Borja's nephew), appearing in a 1609 inventory of the San Pedro de Lerma collegiate church. The manuscripts ended up in the possession of chapelmaster Federico Olmeda (1865-1909), whose heirs sold his impressive library to the Leipzig bookdealer Hiersemann; Brussels Conservatoire bought the manuscripts from him in 1912.

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