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CH-Bu UBH kk II 32 [RISM 1510/1]

UBH kk II 32
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Canzoni nove con alcune scelte e varii libri di canto
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16/1 (1510)
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This printed book contains two unica secular pieces in Italian by the Spanish composer and member of the papal chapel Johannes Escribano: Vola il tempo e sa manchare and L'huomo terren caduco e frale. 

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List of works in source

Order No. Work ID Title Ascription Attribution Based on music by
CH-Bu [RISM 1510/1] (8v-9r) L'huom terren caduco e frale IO. SCRIVANO Escribano [Scrivano], Juan [Scribanus, Iohannes]
02 CH-Bu [RISM 1510/1] (3v-4r) Vola il tempo e sa manchare IO. SCRIVANO Escribano [Scrivano], Juan [Scribanus, Iohannes]

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