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A-Wn SA.77.D.1/1-4 [RISM M3606 = RISM 1546/9]

Musiksammlung SA.77.D.1/1-4 MUS MAG
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Moralis Hispani et multorum...musica cum vocibus quatuor vulgo motecta cognominata
Provenance/Origins/Place of publication: 
16/2 (1546)
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Complete set of four partbooks (S, A, T, B); see the Vienna library catalogue:

For a description, extant exemplars and music incipits, see Printed Sacred Music Database:

For a digital reproduction of the Munich exemplars, see:


Following Martin Ham (2007), pp. 265-267, who indicates the conflicting attributions of Morales's motets anthologies (1543/5 and 1546/9) with other sources, we indicate the conflicts affecting 1546/9:

—Ecce amica mea (Maitre Jhan: 1538/5)
—Immutemur habitu (Morales: 1556/9; Escobedo: E-Tc 17; V-CVbav C.S. 13)
—Inclina Domine... et exaudi (Jacotin: 1535/1, 2a pars: 1549/14, 1560/2; Courtois, 2a pars: 1543/21, 1559/21, 1587/8)
—In illo tempore... Nolite (Maitre Jhan: GB-Lcm 2037)
—Paulus apostolus (Maitre Jhan: 1545/2, I-TVd 6)
—Victimae paschali laudes (iii) (Willaert: 1549/15)

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Author Title Year of publication
HAM, Martin Morales. The Canon 2007
HAM, Martin Worklist 2007
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