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A-Wn MS47358-2° [RISM M3583]

MS47358-2° MUS MAG
Paper / Parchment: 
MS / Print: 
Printed book standardized RISM title: 
Missarum [4-6 v] liber secundus
Provenance/Origins/Place of publication: 
16/3 (1551/1552)
Remarks about MS/Print: 

This exemplar is bound with the Missarum liber primus

Submission’s author: 
Last modified: Emilio Ros-Fábregas - 06 Sep 2020

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Antoni Llofriu Prohens, "A-Wn MS47358-2° [RISM M3583]", Books of Hispanic Polyphony, ed. E. Ros-Fábregas (accession date: 04 Dec 2021),