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US-NYhsa 380/838 [RISM G4867]

HC 380/838
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Sacrae cantiones, vulgo moteta nuncupata, quator et quinque vocum
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16/3 (1555)
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The entry describing this item [830/838] in Karl W. Hiersemann's Bibliotheca Iberica [1911], a bookdealer and publisher sales catalogue, pp. 200, states the following:

"Guerrero, Fr. Francisci Guerrero Hispalensis / sacrae cantiones, vulgo moteta / nuncupata, quatuor et / quinqz vocum. / (Pars I. quatuor, Ps. II. quinque, Ps. III. octo vocum). Con hermosas anteportadas, orlas, iniciales y marcas tipográficas. 5 cuadernos en-4. apaisado. Excudebat Hispali Martinus / a Montes doca, anno domini. / M. D. L. v. / (1555). Perg. ant."

Hiersemann's sales catalogue indicates the prize of these five partbooks  (10.000 [D]M) and includes the following anonymous comment with list of pieces:



This volume is listed as "GUERRERO, Francisco. Sacrae cantiones. Hispali, Martinus a Montesdoca, 1555" in Penney (1929), p. 116. Regarding the Hiersemann's catalogue 380 and the Spanish repertory it contains, see Ros-Fábregas (1997).

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