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A-Wn SA.25.Aa.15 [RISM L285]

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Octo missae, quinque, sex et septem vocum
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16/4 (1578)
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George de la Hèle's publication (with a dedication to Philip II) has been included in this database —even though there are no extant exemplars of the Octo missae in the Iberian Peninsula—  owing to the composer's association with Spain, first as a choirboy of the royal chapel in Madrid between 1560 and 1570 (under Manchicourt) and later as Philip II's chapelmaster from 15 September 1580 until the death of the composer in Madrid on 27 August 1586. Through old inventories and other documents, though, we know that this volume circulated in Spain in the 16th century. 

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