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A-Wn [RISM 1535/1]

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Lib. nonus. xviii. daviticos musicales psalmos habet
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16/2 (1535)
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The index of 1535/1 transmits ascriptions for all the pieces it transmits; Inclina Domine (2a pars Deduc) is ascribed to Jacotin; it is unlikely to be by Morales. We have included here Morales's name in the list of composers to clarify the problem of misattribution related this piece. According to Ham (2007), p. 269: "The two different settings of Inclina Domine (65, 66) have sometimes been conflated, possibly because of their identical opening words. That confusion may have been accentuated by the attribution of Inclina Domine ... et exaudi, which is by Jacotin or Courtois, to Morales in P-Cug 48. It is a comparatively modern annotation, and the annotator may have relied, as others have done, on the title page of one of the 'Morales' anthology prints, or may himself have been confused by the text incipit. The date of Attaingnant's initial print, 1535/1, and the two consistent traditions of ascription of the secunda pars as a separarte piece to Jacotin or Courtois, make the late attribution in P-Cug 48 to Morales seem unsustainable in the absence of any sixteenth-century support, even from within P-Cug 48 itself (which certainly attributes other works from the Gardano/Scotto anthologies to Morales; see Table 13.1)".

For a digital reproduction of this printed book (exemplar: D-Ju, Jena, Thüringer Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Mus.2a-d), see the following link:  (at page 204).

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List of works in source

Order No. Work ID Title Ascription Attribution Based on music by
A-Wn [RISM 1535/1] (xiv'-xv') Inclina Domine aurem tuam et exaudi me Jacotin Jacotin, Morales, Cristóbal de

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