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E-Mlg M 7-3-33 "Canciones musicales"

M 7-3-33 "Canciones musicales por Cristóbal Cortés, Rodrigo Ordóñez, el maestro Navarro y otros, año 1548"
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For a detailed description and inventory with music incipits and transcriptions of the texts, see Alejandro Luis Iglesias (1996), pp. 449-488. According to him, this manuscript, soprano partbook, of 46 folios (with two additional modern flyleaves at the beginning and the end) measures 22,5 x 17 cm and contains 55 secular Spanish melodies; it is mostly the work of one scribe who copied all but the last two pieces. The modern binding in leather has been engraved with the image of fol. 36v of the manuscript.

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Luis Iglesias (1996), p.449, indicated that this manuscript has "número de registro 15411 y número de signatura 681". We are following the online catalogue of the Biblioteca Lázaro Galdeano to assign to this manuscript the "signatura topográfica: M 7-3-33". See the following link:

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Last modified: Emilio Ros-Fábregas - 18 Oct 2021

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