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Indiana University, Lilly Library, Bloomington, IN, USA

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Regarding the Guatemala manuscripts, the Lilly Library at Indiana University, Bloomington, provides the following information:

The Latin American mss. Guatemala music manuscripts, late 16th-early 17th centuries (ca. 1570-1635), consist of 13 bound volumes and two fragments. Used in the pueblos of Santa Eulalia, San Juan Ixcoi, and San Mateo Ixtatan in the department of Huehuetenango in northwest Guatemala, some of the fragile codices bear the signatures of Francisco de Leon and Tomas Pascual who served as maestros de capilla. The original bindings of deerskin, some with the hair attached, still encase the books.

Descriptive elements and inventories of the first nine of the manuscripts may be found in works by Robert Stevenson: "European Music in 16th Century Guatemala" in The Musical Quarterly, pages 341-352, Vol. 50, No. 3, July, 1964 (ML 1 .M9 Music Library) and Renaissance and Baroque Musical Sources in the Americas, Washington, D.C., Organization of American States, 1970, pages 55-64 (ML 135 .A1 S84 Music Library).

These were designated as the San Miguel Acatan repertory by Stevenson from the name of the town in Huehuetenango where they were assembled in 1963.

The numbering system used by Stevenson has been rearranged as follows: Lilly Library Stevenson:

  • No. 1 Santa Eulalia M. Md. 1
  • No. 2 Santa Eulalia M. Md. 2
  • No. 3 Santa Eulalia M. Md. 3
  • No. 4 Santa Eulalia M. Md. 4
  • No. 5 Santa Eulalia M. Md. 5
  • No. 6 Santa Eulalia M. Md. 6
  • No. 7 Santa Eulalia M. Md. 7
  • No. 8 San Juan Ixcoi
  • No. 9 San Mateo Ixtatan
  • No. 10
  • No. 11
  • No. 12
  • No. 13 Santa Eulalia M. G. 5
  • No. 14 fragment
  • No. 15 fragment

Collection size: 15 items

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